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Clark Travel-to-Collections Research Fellowship
Benson Ford Research Center, The Henry Ford
Dearborn, Michigan, USA

The Clark Travel-to-Collections Fellowship provides support for research using the automotive history collections of The Henry Ford. The generous donation of the Henry Austin Clark, Jr. Library in 1991 substantially increased these collections. Applications are welcomed from researchers who want to use the automotive history collections and plan to publish or publicly present the results of their research. Researchers from all disciplines are welcome and may include doctoral candidates, automotive researchers, journalists, teachers, librarians, museum curators, archivists, and students. The grant covers a minimum two-week period up to a maximum of two months. The research may cover any area of automotive history, and may include design, manufacturing, marketing, industrial policy, corporate history, or labor relations. Research should be directed toward production of a specific publication or scholarly work, such as an article, chapter of a book, lecture, film, etc.

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This job posted by MERC from March 16 through June 15.

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