Advertise your organization on MERC!

Who will see your ad?
In 2011, the Museum Employment Resource Center received over 494,000 visitors - roughly 1,350 people a day. If you're looking for a website where your advertisement will be seen by thousands of current professionals, or those pursuing a career in cultural resource fields, MERC is a great choice. We've also added foreign language functionality to MERC so it can be read by non-English speaking visitors all over the world.

Does your organization offer a museum studies course?
In 2011, our Museum Studies Courses page was visited 13,959 times. Simple text listings of courses will always be free, however, upgrading to a banner ad will help your course stand out.

Why advertise on the web?
Print advertisements can cost hundreds of dollars for just one appearance in a magazine or trade journal. A web ad will appear again and again for months, constantly reinforcing your organization's products or services to your target audience.

What will it cost to advertise on MERC?
Advertising with us is much less expensive than placing an ad on most other cultural resource websites. Our low overhead costs allow us to charge less and still make a profit. We all surf the same internet and MERC thinks advertising on it doesn't need to be so expensive. The table below shows the cost of banner ads.

Type of Advertisement
Where will it appear?
Any Job Page
Banner Ad
Immediately above first job listed on a specific job listings page
$295 (USD) for a 12 month listing
Museum Studies Degree Page
Immediately above the first museum studies degree listing
(Also replaces your current free listing)
$295 (USD) for a 12 month listing
Museum Studies Degree Page Banner Listing
This ad will replace your current free museum studies degree text listing.
$195 (USD) for a 12 month listing

All banner ads placed on MERC must be 480 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall.

What do I need to do to place an ad?
To place an ad, e-mail us at Let us know the content of your ad, and where you would like your ad to be placed. If you're not sure about placing a banner ad, we encourage you to get in touch. We're a friendly company and always happy to answer questions. We promise you will never be hounded by sales phone calls or e-mails (at least not from our company).

The last update to this page was 1-02-12